Tear Duct Surgery

Watery eyes are a very common and often very annoying problem. Watery eyes may cause blurr, and irritation and may also be a source of embarrassment.

The assessment of watery eyes can be complex. Your ophthalmologist will need to assess the health and stability of your tears, the position and health of your eyelids and the adequacy and patency of your tear drainage system – from the small tear drainage opening at the inner corner of the eyelids – to the tear duct itself that drains into the lower part of your nose.

Tear duct obstruction – known as Naso-lacrimal Duct Obstruction is a common cause of watery eyes. If this duct is blocked – then the tears will have nowhere to drain and will overflow – much like a blocked pipe under your sink in a downpipe from your guttering!

Tear duct surgery – known as DCR or dacryocystorhinostomy – is aimed at bypassing the obstructed tear duct. Through a small incision – your surgeon will access your tear sac and make a small opening in the bone into the upper part of your nose. The tear sac is then opened and stitched directly into the sidewall of your nose. In this way the tears can drain effectively into the nose – above the level of the obstruction.

Our surgeons are fellowship trained in DCR surgery.

Tear Duct Treatment


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