For New Patients

Your appointment will involve a comprehensive history, examination and various tests. Your pupils may also be dilated with eye drops that take some time to work. We appreciate that your time is valuable but ask that you understand that these processes take time. We therefore suggest that you allow 60 to 90 minutes for your appointment and arrange for a driver to collect you from the clinic.

Please bring your Medicare card and health insurance details to your appointment and ensure that you have an active referral.

Aspect Eye Surgeons is a private clinic and does not offer bulk billing facilities. DVA gold card holders will have access to no gap charge appointments.

It is important to note that Medicare and your health fund will only contribute towards the cost of your treatment if you have an active referral. Please ensure that you have an up-to-date referral that is less than 12 months old from your GP or less than 3 months old from a specialist. If you don’t have an active referral, you may still proceed with your appointment, but you will have to cover the full cost of your appointment or treatment.