Cataract is a common condition where the crystalline lens within the eye becomes cloudy.

This causes blurred vision and rapid changes in the prescription in your glasses.

When the vision becomes blurred, cataract surgery may be performed to quickly and safely correct this problem. Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most commonly performed operations in Australia.

Cataract surgery involves removal of the cloudy lens and replacement with a clear intra-ocular lens implant. Modern cataract surgery is performed using ultrasound energy to disassemble and remove the lens through micro-incisions as small as 2.2mm. 

Modern cataract surgery is almost always performed with the patient remaining awake, meaning there is minimal risk of medical complications arising from the anaesthetic. The surgeon may choose either topical anaesthesia – where the eye is numbed without the requirement for needles, or an eye block where the eye socket is injected with local anaesthetic – meaning there is minimal awareness of the procedure, despite remaining awake. Whichever technique is chosen, the procedure is painless and quick – taking only 10-20 minutes.

Your surgeon will discuss your unique visual requirements to tailor a choice of intraocular lens that is specific for you. These choices may reduce or eliminate your requirement for glasses in certain situations.

Our surgeons are experienced in the use of:

  • Aspheric Monofocal Intra-ocular lenses
  • Enhanced Monofocal Intra-ocular lenses
  • Extended Depth of Focus Intra-ocular lenses.
  • Multifocal Intra-ocular lenses.
  • Mono-vision approaches.

In order to achieve the best outcomes for you, we use the latest swept source OCT technology to accurately measure the dimensions of your eye to a micron level of accuracy. This information is then applied the latest and most proven intra-ocular lens formulas gives you the best chance of an excellent outcome following cataract surgery.



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